Misconceptions about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a natural state that occurs throughout the day when you feel like you doze off into a dreamlike state, when you watch TV and you become unaware of your surroundings or when you are driving and become really focused on the road.

Hypnosis is not sleep, it is a state of hyper-awareness. During a hypnosis session, you remain in control at all times. While in Hypnosis you remain conscious of what is going on, you are able to talk, move or go to the bathroom should the need arise.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, you won't do or say things you would not normally do or say. When in the state of hypnosis, the critical factor of the conscious mind is pushed to the side so the subconscious mind becomes more accessible and open to suggestions.

Hypnosis with me is the shift of focus from the Thinking Mind (Conscious Mind) to the Feeling Mind (Subconscious Mind).

All you have to do is focus on your feelings, feel your feelings. A Hypnosis/ Hypnotherapy session lasts approximately 90 minutes. You will be given hypnosis cds to listen to at home. You will leave my office feeling better with a new awareness about yourself!

Welcome to the Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Center of NYC

*Offering Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Sessions in English and French*


At the NY French Hypnosis Center we can help you overcome these habits and lead you into a new way of affronting life’s challenges. Hypnotherapy is a great tool to release internal stress and blocks from the body's energy system.

Hypnosis and Age Regression Hypnotherapy can help you get rid of unwanted habits and empower yourself. Thank to hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, you too can experience profound changes and face life in a more calm and confident way.

My role as a hypnotherapist is to enable you to reach into your own capacities.

Hypnosis and Age Regression Hypnotherapy can help you resolve your issues in months not years!

Hypnosis Services

  • Quit Smoking Hypnosis
  • Weight Loss Hypnosis
  • Stress & Anxiety Hypnosis
  • Quit Smoking
  • Relieve Depression with Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis for IBS
  • Phobias Hypnosis
  • Sleeping Disorders Hypnosis
  • Eczema Hypnosis
  • Migraines
  • Nail biting
  • Relationship issues


Depression hypnosis. I came to Maeva with no prior knowledge about how Hypnosis could help me. But after only one session i felt tremendous change...

Quit smoking hypnosis. Maya, 34, smoked 10-15 cigarettes a day for 10 years.
"I can't even count the amount of times I tried to quit smoking and failed miserably. But not this time! After only one hypnotherapy session I was able to see results - I did not crave cigarettes anymore!"

Weight loss hypnosis. Kimberley, 36, 237lbs, weight loss goal 47lbs. Kimberly came for 2 sessions a week apart. After the first session she reported an increase in water intake and cravings for oranges. She also was able for the first time to leave food on her plate and felt that she reached satiety.