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Anxiety/Fear of public speaking

09/24/2010, Alex, 27
"Maeva was extremely gentle and considerate of my situation. I'd never tried hypotherapy before and wasn't sure what to expect. She explained the process and cleared any misconceptions I may have had. I found that after a few sessions I began to feel results; better coping, less anxious and overall more relaxed. My peers noticed as well. I recommend it to anyone who's serious about working through any behavioral challenges; smoking, anxiety, etc. It's worth it!"


10/12/2009, Maya, 34
I smoked 10-15 cigarettes/day for 10 years. "I can't even count the amount of times I tried to quit smoking and failed miserably. But not this time! After only one hypnotherapy session I was able to see results - I did not crave cigarettes anymore!

Weight Loss

08/20/2009, Kimberley, 36
I was 237lbs - my weight loss goal was 47lbs. I started with two sessions a week apart. After the first session I drank more water and craved oranges - I was also able for the first time to leave food my plate and feel like I was full!


07/24/2008, James, 29
I came to the center with no prior knowledge about how Hypnosis could help me. But after only one session I felt tremendous change.

Grc, C. 12/19/2012
I came to Maeva last month because I needed help to get rid of some old deeply anchored addictive behavior that was holding me back from living my life fully. It was my first hypnosis experience and I didn't know what to expect. Maeva was sweet, understanding and compassionate and in only two sessions she literally CHANGED MY LIFE. I have found myself and I fear less. Nothing seems unachievable. I am in my mid twenties and I feel like I was given a brand new life. I know now that I have a great future ahead of me! I can't thank Maeva enough for helping me dropping the bad habits :)

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