Weight Loss Hypnotherapy






Are you overweight?

Have you tried dieting without success ?

Do you find it hard to keep the weight off ?

Do you sometimes eat when bored or stressed ?


Anyone who has been on a diet knows the powerful determination and motivation you feel when you first start out. Your weight loss goal is clear. You are determined to achieve it.

For the first few weeks you stick to your plan and your motivation is strong! But as time goes on you start loosing weight more slowly and this interferes with your motivation! You might even have a treat here and there and your motivation starts to weaken.

You want to loose weight on a conscious level but your subconscious mind is resisting. In other words, your find yourself self-sabotaging!

This is because your weight problem is not about what you eat, but about the emotions that are driving you to eat! It is about the emotions you have attached to food and how it makes you feel!

And this is why most people end up putting the weight back on!


Boredom eating

Have you noticed how easy it is to eat without thinking ? 

Boredom eating happens half consciously; you don't even notice you are eating.

Emotional eating

Sometimes the mind confuses emotional needs with physical ones and you eat to deal with certain emotions. Some people eat when they are feeling angry or disappointed or anxious.

Therefore the first step with any weight issue is to assess the person’s personal relationship with food.

At the NY French Hypnosis Center we help you understand the reasons behind your eating habits and help you learn how you can approach stressful situations without turning to food for comfort.

Start to have the physical shape that Nature intended for you !

Say bye to cravings and enjoy renewed energy levels and a positive attitude! Find what you truly need for your fulfillment and true life satisfaction and feel better about yourself


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Kimberley, 36, 237lbs, weight loss goal 47lbs. K. came for 2 sessions which were a week apart. After the first session she reported an increase in water intake and cravings for oranges. She also was able for the first time to leave food on her plate and felt that she reached satiety.

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